Healthy Eating

by aleelundy


The biggest portion of healthy life is healthy eating. Ever heard the saying 10% gym, 90% diet? Well, believe it or not its true! Most people i’ve come across say they don’t opt for healthier choices for two main reasons; time and energy. Reality check folks! It takes virtually no time to peel a banana in the morning, or grab an apple for you’re lunch instead of a candy bar. Pouring a glass of milk takes the exact same amount of time as a glass of high sugar juices or pop too. Given cooking healthy MEALS can be time consuming, it’s bound to take less time than what you’d need to burn off your McDouble at the gym. Which leads me into the second reason, energy. It doesn’t take nearly as much energy to cook chicken with whole grain rise and steamed spinach for supper, than it does to do sit-ups and crunches for 5 months. Choosing “fast food” is the laziest thing i have ever heard of. Come on people! Drive through windows, burgers made “fresh” for you in 3 and a half minutes.. sounds suspicious to me. I may be bias simply because I was raised on a strict healthy diet, but eating healthy is something we all need to pay more attention to.

Check out the link below for some healthy eating ideas!