by aleelundy

This may not be a healthy habit necessarily, but it sure makes life one hundred times easier! I compulsively make lists. Lists for everything under the sun. To-do lists, grocery lists, homework lists, lists of workouts to try, lists of goals, really the list goes on and on! Being organized is critical in my life. I can’t always rely on my phone to remind me when birthdays or dentist appointments are, so I make post-it sticky note lists and post them everywhere! Inside text books, on the back of my front door, on my bathroom mirror, even on my ceiling to see before I fall asleep. Having visual reminds helps keep my brain in order. And when you have 50 odd things to do in a day, keeping your brain in order should be the least of your worries. Some people have told me it’s odd how frequently I make lists, but I think it’s odd that you don’t! I admire people who can have their great grey matter in a perfect filing cabinet formation. I however, cannot. Therefore, lists on lists on list.



Click the link below to learn how to make lists you’ll actually want to accomplish!