Take a De-Stress Day!

by aleelundy

Stress is something we will never be able to rid completely. It will be in our lives everyday. Being over stressed however can cause many health problems including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, as well as immune and circulatory complications. Being  exposed to stress can also contribute to behaviours such as smoking, over-consumption of alcohol, and less-healthy eating habits. Statistics show that in 2011, 23.6% of Canadians aged 15 and older reported that most days were ‘extremely or quite a bit stressful,’ and increase from 22.3% in 2008. More specifically, females 25% reported that most days were quite a bit or extremely stressful, compared to men at 22.2%. So, WHAT ARE WE GUNNA DO?!

Well, I’ll fill you in. Take a day for YOU! Probably a day off from work is best, no need to call in sick! (don’t be lazy!) Hit the spa, go see a movie, nap and lounge all day! Whatever relieves you from everyday stresses. For me, that’s my evening runs. But on horrific, unbearable,  REALLY stressful days, a hot shower and my favourite pj’s will forever do the trick. It’s incredibly important for your mental and physically health to de-stress once in a while. Otherwise, we get wound up like rubber bands and eventually snap. And really, what purpose does a broken rubber band serve?


Need help coping with stress? Check out the link below!